Plan & Design

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Our expert fencing contractors will work with you to plan and design your fence. From a short, straight section to elaborate layouts, we’ll coordinate the height, length, type of material, and square footage to ensure our fencing products exceed your needs and meet your budget.


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When you have a porch, balcony, or deck outside your home, you need railing for extra support and to prevent you and others from falling off the edge. We install wood or vinyl railings for porch steps, whether it’s a short three steps or a tall staircase. We also install railing for pool decks, backyard decks with multiple levels, homes with garages underneath the house, hot tub areas, second story balconies, and more. From bright white to black aluminum and colors in between such as deep brown wood stained, we create custom railings for your home or commercial property.

Wood Fences

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We also install wood fences, which are great for backyards and create privacy for an economical cost. They are easy to install and can be stained with a variety of colors from a clear seal coat to a deep brown. The top can have lattice, a crosshatch pattern to add definition to the fence.

PVC Fence


LoPorto Fence Company in Staten Island also installs PVC fence, a type of vinyl material that creates a clean, white fence look with neatly defined, straight edges. They can be finished with lattice or curved flat-edge pieces on the top, or created with several posts of the same or varying heights. We also include gates to the backyard, carport, or driveway in these PVC fences. This material can also be used to fence in a pool deck or commercial property and the material is weather resistant and low maintenance.

PVC Picket Fence

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Are you envisioning the classic white picket fence look? This is easily achieved with PVC picket fencing and can be finished in brown as well as white. Picket fences have pointed posts with space in between them and diagonal support posts to add definition. Gates are easily incorporated anywhere along this type of fence.

Simtek Fence

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A relatively new fencing material, Simtek fencing combines the function and weather resistance of PVC with a natural rock wall look. Synthetic stone patterns are created within solid panels of fencing, which also lends to privacy. This fencing type is great for patios and pool decks.

Aluminum Fence

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LoPorto Fence company also installs aluminum fencing, which is often seen in business environments and for front yards and front gate entrances. It features detailed, post ends, wide spacing between each posts, and a shiny black color. This material stands up well to extreme temperatures and moisture, making maintenance virtually non-existent.

Decorative Accents

To complete any type of fenced area, we also install decorative accents, including arbors, three flower trellis shapes, benches, and planters. These are made with PVC and are available in white or beige colors.

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LoPorto Fence Company is a proud dealer of these fine fence products.
Please Check Out the Product Websites for Photos, Brochures, Tech Specs, and General Product Information:

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